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Thin patches?

Restore density with smp

Women experience hair loss for a wide variety of reasons. Often the cause is hormonal, brought about by significant changes in the body following childbirth, prolonged stress or physical or emotional trauma. Sometimes alopecia is the culprit, leaving many women unsure where to turn for help.

Scalp micropigmentation can provide women with the appearance of a fuller head of hair, covering bald spots and making thinning areas less visible.

There is no downtime, very little discomfort, and virtually no maintenance after your treatment is finished. Most women are able to return to work or to their family on the same day, and experience no side effects or adverse reactions.

A typical female scalp micropigmentation treatment takes a little longer than for the guys because we need to work through your natural hair to apply each pigment deposit. The average treatment time is 3-4 hours, and most women require 2-3 sessions to complete the transformation.

The great thing about scalp micropigmentation is its adaptability. If in the future your hair grows back, no-one will be able to see your pigment deposits. If your hair loss does not go away, or if it gets worse, your densification treatment has got you covered.

Every treatment is unique because we need to understand the cause of your hair loss, and how it is likely to progress in the future. For this reason, every treatment we complete is unique to you. We take enough time to understand what you really need, and its our mission to deliver this process in a way that restores your look and of course your confidence.

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