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Male Pattern baldness?

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If you only recently discovered scalp micropigmentation, the chances are good that you know someone or have met someone who has had the procedure. You might not have realized at the time, because the best SMP treatments are virtually undetectable! But with more than half a million men now rocking the procedure, we bet you know someone who has had it done.

A range of styles are available which can be tailored to your specific needs. For example, many of our clients want the barbershop edge-up look, so they look fresh like they just stepped out of the barbers. Other clients like a subtle look with a broken up hairline and soft side profiles.We can go either way, our task is to give you the look you always wanted.

Scalp micropigmentation is also perfect for covering hair loss caused by alopecia, and for concealing scars from hair transplant surgery. If you have blemishes or bald patches that are getting you down, trust our skilled artist to resolve the situation for you quickly and professionally.

The process itself is based on tattooing, although the technique is very different. You can’t get this done at a tattoo parlor, as scalp micropigmentation requires specialist training and skills to execute. Our machines, needles and pigments are designed for SMP and nothing else, and at Hair Ink Of Nepa, we use only the world’s best equipment for our clients.

A typical treatment requires 3-4 sessions, spaced about a week apart, each lasting for 2-3 hours. The process is generally painless, in fact many of our clients fall asleep in the chair. 

After each session, your scalp heals and the pigment deposits settle into your skin. At the start of your next session we assess how your treatment is progressing, and adjust our technique and pigment selection accordingly.

Every treatment is customized for the client. You have a unique skin type, your own preferences and a healing process that is individual to you, so we have every procedure as unique as you are, to precisely match the outcome you desire.

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