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There is no known cure for alopecia, and treatment options can offer poor results. Right now, scalp micropigmentation is the only permanent alopecia remedy to provide guaranteed, instantaneous results.

Alopecia takes many forms and is surprisingly common. The alopecia type we see most often is alopecia areata, symptomized as a single or multiple round bald patches of total hair loss. These patches can change size and position, causing significant distress to the person experiencing the condition.

Other forms of alopecia include alopecia totalis, seen as total loss of all head hair, and is often a progression of alopecia areata. Traction alopecia affects men and women who wear their hair in tight styles, and causes damage and hair loss around the frontal hairline area. Then there’s alopecia barbae, affecting facial hair and often noticeable as bald patches in the beard or mustache.

Scalp micropigmentation does not cure alopecia. Instead, it provides a very effective cover-up. Unlike hair systems, wigs and topical fibers, SMP is permanent and requires no maintenance or ongoing costs, except for bi-annual or tri-annual top up treatments.

Alopecia can behave in a very unpredictable manner, making reactive remedies like corticosteroid injections, minoxidil lotions and immunotherapy difficult to implement. What our clients want is certainty, and scalp micropigmentation provides this because we treat the entire head, meaning that as your symptoms change, your pigmentation is ready and waiting to compensate.

We understand the stress and anxiety that alopecia can cause. Here at Hair Ink Of Nepa we provide an empathetic, confidential service that enables both men and women to forget about alopecia and improve their confidence.

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