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Nicholas Spinelli

As a licensed Master Barber in the State of Pennsylvania, Lead Artist Nicholas Spinelli is passionate about helping men look and feel their best. With experience spanning some 17 years, Nicholas really knows hairlines and produces some of the best natural and edge-up styles in the business. He understands hairline placement and crafts each treatment to meet the needs of each individual client, to produce results that are among the best in the world.

Nicholas started to notice his own hair loss in his early 20’s, and was very self conscious about his appearance. He tried enhancements, hair fibers and other hair loss products but nothing seemed to work.

When Nicholas received his own scalp micropigmentation treatment, it changed his life forever. He not only looked 10 years younger, but felt revitalized and energetic again. In short, he got his confidence back and this profoundly affected every aspect of his life.

Following his own transformation, Nicholas wanted to help others feel the way he did and sought professional training. Coached by one of the finest SMP artists in the world, Nicholas found his natural talent for SMP and began changing the lives of men from across the state of Pennsylvania. Nicholas is a highly skilled and passionate scalp micropigmentation professional, certified by three of the biggest companies in the world, he infuses love and passion into every aspect of his work.

Nicholas is fully licensed, insured and competent in all safety and hygiene protocols. He uses only the best equipment available, premium specialist SMP pigments and consumables, and guarantees his work. His clinical environment meets and exceeds all state requirements for cleanliness and sanitation.

His mission is to help as many people as possible to experience the life-changing transformation offered by SMP. Restoring looks and confidence is his passion, and he strives to ensure every client has the look they want, and thoroughly enjoys the process from start to finish.

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